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What's New?

I'm busy hurting my brain (as usual) fooling around with Home Automation. I've standardized on the SmartThings platform, which handles several communications protocols and has a very active user community.

I'm also working on a rebuild of this web site, using ASP.NET MVC, a project that is taking far too long.

Music I'm Listening To

"The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale" is Eric Clapton & Friends tribute to the late J.J. Cale. Not one less than fabulous song on this album. I'm especially fond of "Train To Nowhere", which you can listen to here.

Also can't stop listening to Puddle of Mudd,a band that is best played loud. These guys are angry and most of their songs reflect that fact. They are also pretty crude, so their CDs are PG13. I'm especially fond of their album "Famous". Check out "Psycho" off that album.

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